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Prioritizing self leads to vibrancy, vitality, and energy.

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Prioritizing yourself leads to vibrancy, vitality, and energy.


Hi, I’m Ashley! I am a registered nurse, certified health coach, and trauma-informed breathwork facilitator. I work with clients to support them in healing their body and spirit from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.

If you are ready to prioritize and rediscover yourself, re-ignite your path and take your power back, YOU, my friend are in the right place.

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"First off, this was a program that I needed in my life for a long time. I am part of a wonderful Facebook group full of positive women and there I was able to connect with Ashley and learn more about her and Fit Together Health and Wellness. This was a blessing in disguise and was the perfect timing to jump into this adventure. I was feeling very negative and was looking for a way to move forward and gain skills to help get me towards the positivity in life I was looking for. I knew from day one, when Ashley and I met, that this was going to be an amazing experience and we connected right away. She is soft spoken and listens intensely when you are speaking. She gives great suggestions on how to recognize triggers and ways to revert your mindset. Throughout the 12-weeks I worked with Ashley she was available, she checked-in, and she was my accountability partner for mindset, fitness and nutrition. We were able to work out a plan to help me continue with this habit I had created. My next step is to take on the 5-week program and get an opportunity to continue working with Ashley as well as collaborate/connect with some awesome women. Ashley is amazing and I would 100% recommend checking out Fit Together Health and Wellness. This may just be what you are looking for!" -Erin Hoefel, 2021, (1:1 Coaching)

"If you are looking for a way to be more accountable and find ways to move yourself to more, whatever that is for you, this program is it. Ashely helps you, through sharing her own stories and providing tactical strategies, to think about where you came from and where you are going. From daily food logs to looking for gratitude in your day, this program helped me be more intentional within my day and think twice before defaulting to cereal for breakfast. The tools, such as future-casting, helped me plan what I can do today to help the me of tomorrow." -Lindsay Adams, 2020

“Ashley both changed and saved my life! I saw a picture of pregnant Ashley hanging off of a tree upside down and thought to myself— what was my excuse? Four children later, 30 extra pounds of baby weight plus in the midst of postpartum depression, Ashley couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. She showed up, pushed and motivated me day in, day out. As someone who was a former athlete in my HS and college days, with 0 motivation and drive, I was capable of running 3 houses down from mine. But I had this idea of signing up for a Marathon!! I owe it to Ashley— pushing me further each day and not letting me give up, made me realize that I will always need her as part of my life. As a mom and an entrepreneur, it is so easy to get lost and not make time for yourself. Depression who? Extra weight where? With all that behind me, I keep on expanding my goals from running to building muscle and toning. She recently started training my teenage son, too. Just like me, he lacked the motivation, especially during quarantine. But since, Ajdin has come out of his shell and expressed to Ashley that he would like to run long distance with his mom. They continue to work on increasing his mileage— and as a mom to see that excitement in my child, makes me one happy mom and client!! I owe you my fitness success Ashley!!!!” -Ljiljana Yahyazadeh, 2019/2020

 I'll meet you exactly where you're at to guide, teach and support you on how to connect a healthy body, mind, and spirit so you can live a balanced life.

Your soul led you here for a reason.

If your heart says yes, you'll figure out the rest.

Submit your contact information, and let's take the first step in changing your life.


Your soul led you here for a reason.

If your heart says yes, you'll figure out the rest.

Submit your contact information, and let's take the first step in changing your life.