Intentional breath above all else.

Your breath is your life force.

Our breath is our life. Without it, we have nothing. Take a moment, sit back in your seat and tune into your breath. How are you breathing right now? Is it fast? Slow? Short? Shallow? Deep? Long? The quality of your breath has the ability to determine the quality of your life.

Our breath is not only connected to our physical health, but also our mental, emotional and spiritual health. Although breathing is a natural way of life, overtime with the stressors, business and sometimes hectic nature of life, we subconsciously tighten, lessen and narrow our breath which can have lasting and significant impact on our overall wellness.

Breathwork for Stress Management

Let’s get you back on the path of thriving instead of just surviving, you’re worth it!

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Breathwork for Self Alignment

Ready to reconnect with yourself and pursue life from a more intuitive and abundant place?

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Breathwork for Healing the Inner Child

“The wound is not my fault. But the healing is my responsibility.” It’s time to heal.

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“I felt really empowered by the end of our session. Actually, I'll also add that the moment Ashley spoke into my intention at the beginning of the session, my whole body lit up. The music she picked throughout was so uplifting and inspiring, and Ashley has a beautiful voice. Hearing her say my mantra as we entered into the session really uplifted me and set the tone.”

"My facilitator seems like a natural in this work. There is a genuineness about her that makes you feel like she is 100% committed to guiding you to the best experience possible. You can tell how much she believes in the value of breath work and that is reflected in how prepared she is and how connected she stays during the entire session."

“I felt totally safe to be curious and bold in exploring the expanding areas of my consciousness. It was like an adventure of a lifetime. The healing I experienced was amazing and an indescribable gift. Ashley not only facilitated but created the space. Her wisdom, intuition, compassion, and presence allowed her to be an adventure guide that taught me to experience, explore, and enjoy yet allowed me to make the choices that come with driving the tour bus.”

Your soul led you here for a reason.

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Breathwork For You


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Wanting to try breathwork solo to start?

No problem! Consider these four, integrative breath sessions to support you on your journey!